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Fujian Rongjiang Import and Export Co., LTD



    Fujian Rongjiang Import and Export Co., LTD. is a stateowned foreign trade corporation which was founded in July 1979. It is approved by People??s Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. The company has strong business capacities and rich experiences in foreign trade??which enjoys the high reputation in the worldwideand make a great contribution to the economic development of Fujian province. Along with the deepening of reform and opening up, the company promotes the ??Big Trade Volume?? as an important business strategy. To put the ??Requirement of Scientific Development goes in advance??, and find an opportunity to conduct other business of "Second- Time Carve Out" and to service on the construction of the West Side of the Straits.
    In recent years, the company??s import and export business volumes grow up with a healthy highspeed every year. The volume of import and export increased 100 times in ten years. And strides into the whole province advanced ranks over the years. Make a great contribution to promoting the economic construction of the West Side of the Straits.
    The company??s main products include foodstuffs, the aquatic products, mineral products, the light industry products, electronic products, chemical industry products and machinery and equipments, etc. our trading partners are more than 100 countries and regions throughout the word. We would like to cooperate and establish business relationships with all companies at home and abroad, and promote and develop, by our joint efforts both trade and friendships to our mutual benefits.



food, aquatic products, mineral products, light industry products, electronic products, complete sets of equipment, etc.


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